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Welcome to Madagascar!

With five thousand kilometers of sandy beach, you can snorkel, go whale watching and much more. Under shady coconut palms on the beach, everything is ready to enjoy lazy days. You will also find warm and healthy springs to bathe in. Debt will be a very special and unforgettable experience. You do not leave the red island untouched.

Discover our wonderful nature

Like to photograph? We can arrange photo safaris for both professionals and amateurs. Beautiful and colorful nature with red soil, green rice fields and the surrounding mountains, the wildlife and not least the folklore of the small villages, gives endless eats opportunities for flash shots.

Do you want to experience the sea, the white sandy beaches with delicious temperate water, take a canoe trip or a boat trip out to see the whales? Snorkeling, river paddling, hiking or sleeping under the open sky?

If you like the mountains, you must bring good shoes to Madagascar. The Tsingy mountains offer fantastic formations, the Andringitra invite to exciting hikes, and the Isalo Canyons are a very special and exciting area to hike in. The mountain formations are unique, and through the “Isalo window” you can experience the sunset. After a long march, it is wonderful to take a refreshing bath in one of the natural pools you will find in the valleys.

There is a lot of nature in Madagascar, and if you like it, you must experience the rainforest and the lemurs, for example in Namorona with the beautiful foin. Lemurs are a type of half-ape, and most species are found only in Madagascar. In the rainforest you can also find city orchids and other exotic plants, strange insects, chameleons and lots of sea.

Madagascar’s “LITTLE FIVE” In contrast to the African mainland ‘s “BIG FIVE”, in Madagascar we have the ” LITTLE FIVE “.

Smell and taste

Madagascar is one of the world’s largest exporters of vanilla and pepper. But the Gassians also use other delicious flavors in traditional dishes such as Hena Ritra and Traka The Norwegians like it so much! At the cyst there is a rich selection of fish and shellfish. In the markets you will find the most delicious, sun-ripened pineapples, mangoes and litchis… you have not tasted the likes of in Norway, in addition to many other types of exotic fruit. It’s just gluttony!

And maybe you want to let yourself be intoxicated by the scent of essential oils from Ravintsara, ylang, geranium and other plants that each have their own unique scent.


Come visit us and fall in love with our beautiful island!

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