Just thinking about it, “Voyager” makes me jump with happiness! Traveling is a privilege that makes us aware of the beauty of a place and, tourism has allowed me to discover the most exceptional treasures of my dear Madagascar: the breathtaking landscapes and its changing colors, the beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise seas, National Parks and its remarkable biodiversity.

Having a strong experience in the world of tourism, I will be able to transmit my passion to you and make you dream.

My favorite is surely the South of Madagascar. I come from the South, precisely from Ihosy, a small town very close to the famous Isalo National Park: the grandiose landscapes of the South, I will never get tired of them! This part of the Big Island is full of astonishing natural riches: the most beautiful national parks, landscapes of mountains and intermittent forests, precious and semi-precious stones, the beautiful coastline and its remarkable marine ecosystem. Come see for yourself!

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