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Madagascar, an island, a country, a nation and diversities to discover

Fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is located in eastern Africa, between the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean.

With a singular insularity, a unique hospitality, a cultural mosaic, an ecological luxuriance and a variety of landscapes, this red island with a thousand and one faces only asks to be discovered… and leaves no traveler indifferent.

Would you like to live an unforgettable experience, to taste the flavour of a new adventure? Click and let yourself be carried away!

The Malagasy: a tour closer to the inhabitants will give you the opportunity to understand this people of diverse origins, multicultural united in and for the same nation. Discover the traditions, the cultures and what makes the authentic Malagasy.

The thousand flavors and fragrances: your taste buds will be awakened by the traditional culinary richness thanks to the fine spices and other prestigious ingredients like vanilla. And perhaps you will be intoxicated by the scent of essential oils derived from Ravintsara, ylang, geranium … and other oils that each have their virtue.

The wonders of nature: you will be surprised by the abundant and sometimes endemic fauna and flora. The parks and natural reserves, the marine ecosystems will delight nature lovers.

Madagascar and its “SMALL FIVE”: if in Africa you have met the “BIG FIVE”, in Madagascar we also have a card to play, the “SMALL FIVE”, but to know them, you will have to dig a little more…

The landscapes of the highlands and the National Road N° 7: if you are adept on “Road Trips”, this National Road 7 is for you. Landscapes of red laterite undulating with rice fields, forests of eucalyptus and mimosas – depending on the season – punctuated by towns and villages, a Jurassic massif worthy of the Far West… this RN7 of more than 900 km reveals itself to you and saves the best for last!

The must-see places to take your breath away: the canyons of Isalo, the mountains of Andringintra, the Tsingy of Bemaraha, the baobab alley, the list is not exhaustive… but all these destinations have the merit to be visited and remain unmissable.

Whatever your wishes or needs, our team can help you realize the trip of your dreams!

Trans Groupe Hasina (TGH) is a receptive Tour Operator, mainly based in Fianarantsoa. After 20 years of existence and expertise, we continue to develop our products with professionalism and originality because Madagascar has so many wonders to reveal, through responsible tourism.

We would like to share with you this rare pearl of the Indian Ocean with a new horizon and a new inspiration.

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